KDa / Klein Dytham architecture

Started Royal College of Art graduates Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, KDa is becoming one of the most exciting architecture firms to come out of Tokyo. Started in the early 90’s, KDa is a multi-lingual office that finds inspiration in Tokyo itself, and the people who live there who demand more from their environment.

My first siting of their work was the second image above. I remember this floating around a few blogs months and months ago, and I was so enamored by it I dragged it off and into my folder of inspirational images. It turns out it’s called the Billboard Building because most of the building faces toward the road, like a billboard would.
The top picture is the Undercover Lab, which is basically this huge, “floating” box that holds a studio, a press showroom and an office. It extends over the driveway, which might give you a better idea of how the hell they had room for this sort of building.

There are a ton more pictures under the cut, so be sure to check those out. Some really inspiring stuff.


October 18, 2007