Last Week in Music | 10/07 – 10/14

This weeks Last Week in Music top honor went yet again to Radiohead, as I couldn’t stop listening to their amazing new album, In Rainbows. I did some digging around on and found and interesting tidbit of info. In total, the songs on In Rainbows have been listened to 479,535, while Hail to the Thief has been listened to 650,237 times. The difference isn’t that much, which is suprising, considering that Hail to the Thief came out 4 years ago and has 4 more tracks than In Rainbows does. It really shows how much everyone is really liking this new album.

The number two spot is probably one of the most surprising albums I’ve heard all year so far. It turns out being a junkie and being in a fucked up relationship with a supermodel can only help you’re musical career, as the new Babyshambles album is a bit of pure genius. I decided to get it on purely a whim, thinking that there was no way I was going to like it, but people were quite fond of The Libertines back in the day. The new album is called Shotter’s Nation, and it has eclectic influences all over the place, but overall is a really sound record. A definite possibility for the Top Dozen of the year.

I’ve still been enjoying the new Underworld album, and I’ve also been going back and listening to Lou Reed’s Transformer a lot. I was reading today that it was produced by Bowie, which I didn’t know, but now that I’ve listened to it so much, it totally makes sense. And I also had a small Blur kick, which was nice to hear again.


October 15, 2007