TSHIRT STORE is exactly what is sounds like, a store that sells t-shirts. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of people longing to make high quality t-shirts that were made under their watchful eyes. That means no outsourcing, no wholesale, just a good fit with great designs that can constantly be updated. Think of them as a cross between American Apparel and Threadless, and you know, Swedish.

They have some really great designs online, the three above were my personal favorites. But I have a feeling after seeing Viktor’s post on his blog Issue that they have even more cool designs in their physical stores. As of now I think they have two stores, but they’re going to be opening a store in the International Airport Kastrup in Copenhagen a little later this year. So if you’re ever flying through, be sure to stop and pick up something.


October 14, 2007