Solitary Arts

Solitary Arts is the collaboration between Yong-Ki Chang and Geoff Mcfettridge, a company who’s “single goal of creating things that are playful, useful, and beautiful, all in one.

So far they’ve created a line of t-shirts (above), as well as two skate decks, one of which is called Big Red, and is a red deck (duh) with a giant grip tape foot on the top of it. It also comes with LED’s on the back of it so people can see you at night! I don’t skate, but I’d certainly hang it on my wall… does that make me a poser? They’ve also made two sets of wheels, two sets of trucks, bearings, stickers, and pins.

Definitely something to keep your eye on. I really hope they do well so we can have more awesome Geoff-stuff!

Link via boicozine


October 14, 2007