Last Week in LAist – 10/01 to 10/14

Alright, so this is actually the Last 2 Weeks in LAist because I was so busy putting together Radiohead wallpapers last weekend that I totally forgot to do this.

First up I posted a sick Travis Millard cover for the Steve Allen Theater brochure, with more of his drawings inside, some Halloween fonts to make your upcoming party invitation not suck, and a post about Google’s new GOOG-411 service.

One of the more exciting posts was a mini-interview I did with Souther Salazar about his upcoming show at GR2. it was really nice of him to take the time to answer my questions, even if they were a little goofy. I also took some preview photos of the Ben Templesmith art show at Secret Headquarters. I popped by the show and there were a ton of people in the shop, and everyone looked like they were having a good time.

And lastly, I posted a review of the Beirut show I went to on Thursday. The openers were sort of eh but Beirut was simply amazing, they play just as well live, which is incredible when you have 8 people on stage.


October 14, 2007