Drop iPod Speaker

I was walking around a shop on Vermont the other day when I noticed this giant water drop in a box. Intrigued, I decided to pick it up and check it out. Turns out it’s a waterproof speaker for your bathtub/shower/sink area. I thought, “that’s pretty cool” and wrote it down in my Field Notes and was on my way.

Well it turns out that it’s called the Zumreed Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker (elegant, huh?), and it’s not just a speaker, you actually put your iPod in the drop! The drops come in three different colors, runs off of 4 AA batteries, and from the one review on their site, the guy says that it works well in the shower, overcoming the sound the water makes.

They go for $50, which isn’t half bad if you like the idea of rocking out to that rare Pixies B-side while you get squeaky clean.


October 14, 2007