Daniel Krall

Japanese Game System Release by Daniel Krall

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about a nice illustrator, so today I give you Daniel Krall. Mr. Krall went to school at the Maryland Institute College of art and continues to teach illustration classes there presently. He also works freelance doing tons of illustrations for magazines and events, and is in fact, a big comic book nerd.

His style is really clean and simple but still is able to give a lot of character in a few line strokes. Also, his color choices really help make his illustrations really stand out. Under the cut I put a few more of his pictures as well, like old school video games recast with hot girls, presidential candidates, and Gene Simmons.

Also, I’d suggest checking out his blog, which has more current work and is updated more often then his regular portofolio site, as it usually is with those artistic types!

Hilary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani by Daniel Krall
Superhero Movies by Daniel Krall
Black Metal Fast Food Fight by Daniel Krall
Ms. Pacman by Daniel Krall
Joust by Daniel Krall
Frogger by Daniel Krall
Gene Simmons for Dior Homme by Daniel Krall

October 14, 2007