The New Honda Concept Cars: PUYO and CR-Z

Honda recently unveiled two awesome new concept cars at the Tokyo Auto Show, the PUYO and the CR-Z. Both are extremely crazy looking, which is why I’m immediately drawn to them.

The PUYO is sort of a compact van that is completely rounded and has no sharp angles. In fact, the thing doesn’t even has door handles, and the doors slide upward gullwing style. The top of the car is basically all glass, save for a few structural supports. It’s also uses a fuel cell, so you’d (hopefully) be saving money on gas as well.
I’ve always wanted a bubble car like this, I think it would be so much fun to have.

The CR-Z is the reworking of Honda’s original sporty compact, the CR-X. But now it’s got a gas-electric hybrid system, and almost entire glass roof, and a beautiful body style. Those headlights are extremely rad as well.

But honestly, I’m kind of sick of seeing concepts, I want some real damn cars already!
Also be sure to check out Jalopnik’s coverage of the Tokyo Auto Show as well, there are ton of amazing concepts to check out.

October 12, 2007