Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #4 of 7 Kid A

Today’s image is better late than never, but it is still Saturday here in Los Angeles, so I still made it on time! Today’s wallpaper is for Kid A, my other favorite Radiohead album. With this album they totally veered away from the guitar driven anthems of OK Computer, and instead went toward Thom Yorke’s other musical love, electronic. It features several of my absolute favorite songs like Idioteque, How To Disappear Completely and the title track Kid A.

For this wallpaper I decided to use the art of one of my absolute favorite artists, the brilliant Ashley Wood. I felt like the core of this album was about cataclysms, and the end of the world, so I threw in some of that imagery. And I also loved that they used horns on National Anthem, so I wanted to throw some of those in there as well. And the baby’s in there because the album was rumored to be named after the supposed ‘first cloned child’. So there you go!

I’ll try and post the Amnesiac wallpaper a little earlier in the day tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything!
Enjoy the crazy wallpaper!


October 6, 2007