Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #3 of 7 OK Computer

The Radiohead Wallpaper Countdown continues today with the release of OK Computer. I spoke a few days ago about how Paranoid Android shaped what I listen to, but I’d have to say this whole album was the main influence. Listening to it over and over again for the past day and a half just reminded me of how brilliant they became on this album. And the amazing thing is that pretty much everyone agrees with how great this album.

I really tried to mimic Stanley Donwood’s style on this one, even using some bits that were used in OK Computer related projects. But overall I wanted it to feel overwhelming, which is what Thom Yorke was writing about, and how he eventually ended up feeling after all of the reviews of the record came in.

I hope everyone enjoys it, stop by tomorrow for Kid A!


October 5, 2007