Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #2 of 7 The Bends

With only 6 days left till, we continue the Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper, which takes us to their second album, The Bends. I remember seeing the video for ‘High and Dry’ on MTV a lot, and wanting to hear the song over and over again. This album showed a much more cohesive structure, and also a few stand out hits like the aforementioned ‘High and Dry’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’.

While listening to this album, I noticed there were a lot of lyrics about things being fake, a lot of water and ocean imagery, and I felt overall like it was more of a personal record for the band. So I went with some medical/x-ray type imagery, sort of referencing the iron lung, being bullet proof, the bends, all sorts of science-y things. It was also semi-reminiscent of the original Stanley Donwood cover as well.

Then while searching for cross sections of the human brain, I came across these truly amazing Digital Dendrology images, and knew instantly I had to use them. They reminded me of fake plastic trees, as they are microscopic samples from branches. But at the same time, they look quite unreal.

There aren’t as many wallpapers this time, because of how the image would have cropped. But all you need to do is throw some black behind your wallpaper, and you’ve got the widescreen version!

Remember, there are still 5 more wallpapers on the way, so be sure to check back tomorrow for OK Computer!


October 4, 2007