Neill Blomkamp

I’ve been a fan of director Neill Blomkamp for a couple years now, so I thought I’d post something kind of comprehensive about him. Mr. Blomkamp was born in South Africa in 1979 and is now currently based in Vancouver. He’s been getting a lot of buzz lately because he’s supposed to direct the movie for Halo. But Fox, who owns the rights to the movie, doesn’t want him to direct it, even though Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings movies and Halo’s producer, handpicked him to do so.

What makes him really stand out is his ability to direct these great hand held features which seamlessly blend robots and futuristic elements into them. My favorite of his is the short above called ‘Alive in Joburg‘, which is about a race of aliens that have come to our planet, but end up getting stranded here and can’t leave. It’s really well done, and even kind of creepy.

Under the cut I’ve also put some of his other videos, so be sure to check those out as well!

October 3, 2007