8 Days Till New Radiohead: Airbag/How Am I Driving EP

Okay, so only 8 days until the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows comes out. I’ve been trying to listen to as much of them as possible, even if it means listening to the bad parts of ‘Hail to the Thief’. But today I wanted to talk about my favorite releases of Radiohead’s, the Airbag/ How Am I Driving EP.

I remember that I bought OK Computer when I was a freshman in high school, and I was obsessed with it. I would listen to it on my boombox constantly, trying to figure out what the hell Thom Yorke was saying. Early that next year, I went into my local record store, and there was new Radiohead album sitting there! Okay, it was an EP, but I had no idea at the time what any of that meant. But there were 6 new Radiohead songs on it, so I had to get it.

To me, the EP stood on it’s own. All of the songs are basically amazing, and though they may not have belonged on OK Computer, they’re still some of the best they’ve ever written. I was reading up on the EP, and I found out that the guys from Zero 7 helped out on the song, ‘Meeting in the Aisle’, and that they were nominated for a Grammy for it! How crazy is that?

I’ve posted my favorite song from the album below, called Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2). I love the first part so much, that I would keep skipping back to the beginning over and over. Don’t get me wrong, the second part is just as good, I’m just weird.

Radiohead / Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)


October 2, 2007