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Naesden Control Centre’s Lost Control

I was browsing over at Die Gestalten (one of the hands down best book/everything stores online) and came across this semi-new book by Naesden Control Centre called ‘Lost Control’. It’s full color, and 192 pages, and features graphic design, installations, and collages of mostly new work.

Just by looking at the preview I really want to get this book. It’s filled with so much random work, but that’s what I really enjoy. NCC’s style is so all over the place, from very calculated design to hand drawn abstractions. The book goes for $65, and you can check out more photos by clicking here.


Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Opressor, My Love

The amazing Kara Walker has a new show up at the Whitney in New York right now called ‘My Compliment, My Enemy, My Opressor, My Love‘. For those who don’t know of her work, Kara Walker was born in Stockton, California, but then moved south to Georgia when her father took began teaching at Georgia State University. While living there she began experiencing a huge racial division that still lingers, which was very different from her multicultural childhood in California. But she used this racism as a fuel instead of letting it hinder her. She’s received a BFA from the Atlanta College of Arts, and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She’s now showed her work in many major galleries and even won the MacArthur Fellowship.

I personally love her work. Her paper cutouts are so simple, but tell such complex stories. When I think of cut outs like the ones she does, I think of Disneyland, where you get your portrait cut out. But in her work for example, you have the image of a white confederate soldier raping a black girl, while her brother watches, horrified, like in her piece ‘The Battle of Atlanta’. It’s this kind of intense imagery and social commentary that make her work so moving.

If you’re in New York any time until February 3rd, do yourself a favor and check out her wonderful exhibit.


Merijn Hos aka Bfree

I’m totally in love with the fun little characters over at Bfree! Bfree, also known by Merijn Hos, is an illustrator who studied at the SVA in Utrecht, and continues to work and live in the city.

His drawings remind me of Friends With You, with a little bit of James Jarvis mixed. I want to say there’s some Katamari Damacy as well, just because everything is so colorful and there are a million tiny details. I would highly suggest checking out his work for Eager Beaver, Selected Flyers, and his poster Sorry About This. (And sorry for no direct links, his site is flash based I think.)

Correction: Merijn is a man, not a woman, my bad!


Re: A Guide To Reproduction

For all the DIY kids out there, here is an awesome little repro guide to help you in your endeavors. Created by Jordan Crane, along with David Choe, Ron Rege Jr. and Brian Ralph, this guide gives a ton of great info on xerography, silkscreening, and offset printing. They tell you how to do it cheap, while still making your project look great.

I used the guide written by Jordan Crane to scan in some artwork, and man it turned out soooo perfect. You can download it over at Jordan Crane’s site, or you can click right here. The file is a 3.7MB, PDF file. Enjoy!


Matt Stuart Shoots People, Snaps Legs, and Exposes Everything

I came across the wonderful portfolio of Matt Stuart yesterday and totally got a kick out of it. What makes his photos so great is how clever they are. Sometimes clever can be cheesy, but somehow he captures moments in time that make you chuckle. It’s like he lives in this really weird town, where these odd things happen all the time. He also captures a lot of moments relating with color, or people who happen to be doing the same thing at the same time.

A lot of his photos often contain small details that make his photos even funnier, like an old man with a pickle for a nose.



As of writing this I’m sicker than a dog, I’m running a fever of 101º, and my flesh feels like it’s going to melt. But to take my mind off of things, I’ve been reading Sleevage all night. Sleevage is a blog that talks about the covers to records and CDs, giving you the inside scoop on who made them, and getting to see the larger campaigns that an album might have.

They cover a million different albums, all with really great commentary as well. For example, the Michael Jackson cover for Dangerous which you see above. It turns out it was painted by Mark Ryden, everyone’s favorite painter of meat and Abe Lincoln. How crazy is that? I had no idea it was him!

Definitely give the site a visit, it’s a really great read.

Found through Newstoday



Ghostco, the artistic alias of Matthew Woodson, is probably one of the most underrated artists I know of. Matthew attended the School of Art in Chicago, where he currently lives and works. I’ve seen his work for a couple years now, and he continues to improve with every project he does. His use of lines and colors and texture just blows me away. I’m also a big fan of how detailed his work as, and his inventive use of transparencies.

You can purchase prints of his work over at Thumbnail Press, but the selection is kind of small and the work is older.


ccPhone by Tobias Wong… I Call Bullshit.

This post is marked under the category of ‘Internet’. Why is that? Because it’s neither art, nor design, it’s pure bullshit. I’m tempted to make a category called bullshit, to call people out on things like this. I usually try and keep things on the positive end, but I can’t not say say something.

This is by far the most asinine thing I’ve seen in a while. Tobias Wong is known for his “outrageous antics”, and “questioning how we think of products”, but you have to be kidding me. All he’s done is made a matte black iPhone… how is that questioning anything at all?! But he also puts pictures on it, and you get the names and phone numbers of everyone who works for his company. And why does anyone need those? Is he selling it to his mother?

The icing on the cake is the price tag… a whopping $2000. So you can be one of the 50 lucky assholes who drops $2k on a piece of “art”? I think I’ll buy one, take a giant shit on it, and sell it for double as a one of a kind piece of shit.