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The Volkswagen Up!

Okay, here I go on another crazy rant about how small cars are really awesome!
Last week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled their new Up! concept vehicle, a tiny, city car that looks really amazing. I think what instantly drew it to me was the extra wide wheel base. What other car has a similar profile? Mini, the best freaking car in the world.

The car is a 4 passenger vehicle, has the engine mounted in back and a crazy-futuristic console display to make it easier to change the radio while you drive. One of my favorite details is the tailgate, which is made of a clear panel that has the VW logo behind it. When you turn your headlights on, the VW logo lights up! Another awesome feature is that all but the driver seats can lifted out and folded up, offering a ton of space for trips to IKEA.

I’ve read that they won’t immediately release this car to America, that Volkswagen wants to see how the Smart cars do in the market before they release something equally as petite. I say, hurry up and get them over here!

For a lot more techinical info, check out Zer Customs.


Yeti Sweatshirt by Gama-Go

How cool is this sweatshirt? I’m sort of over the all over print stuff, but not if it’s got tight Yetis all over it!
Gama-Go is releasing a limited edition of 350 of these guys in the next couple months. You can even pre-order them over at the Gama-Go website, which might be a good idea, cuz’ these are going to go fast, I’m sure.


Kaze To Desktop

The video above is probably the coolest screen saver in the world and it’s called Kaze To Desktop.
What does it do? It reacts to the wind conditions of your city. So what? Well, it blows around EVERYTHING that’s on your screen! Toolbars, windows, icons, the whole nine yards. This is so freaking cool.

But why don’t they make a version for Mac?! Especially for something like this? This is catered toward the artsy fartsy types, who are mostly Mac users… wouldn’t you want to build this for us first?! Until then fellow Mac users, watch the video above and continue being bitter about the situation.


Jack Spade Fashion Show, Bryant Park

I’m a pretty big fan of the Jack Spade brand. The Jack Spade store is filled with not only stylish bags, but tons of other “stuff” that gives everything a certain atmosphere. And that same sort of feeling was continued to his show this year, which took place outside of the fashion tents, and in the mundane setting of Bryant Park.

Random people were asked to “walk the catwalk”, except that it wasn’t a catwalk, it was the sidewalk, and there were people walking around and going about their business. It’s such a lighthearted and whimsical thing to do, it exemplifies what the brand should feel like. Something for everyone, no matter what.

Click here to watch the video.

Totally and unashamedly stolen from Friend & Stranger!


Cutest TV Dinner Ever

This is on here simply for me, haha.
Flickr user Bnice2mice makes these amazing little crafty foods, and I want all of them. Like shelves of them.
Click on her name to see a ton more of her stuff, all equally edible adorable.
Don’t eat the mystery meat, he loves you!


Jody Morris

Check out the awesome photography of Jody Morris, a skate photographer from Canada. Jody has been taking pictures for a while, which includes a 10 year run as senior photographer for Transworld.

The photo above was taken at a Green Day concert, and it absolutely blows my mind. Also of interest are his black and white photos. Be sure to find the picture of the kid who crashed a van into a house, it’s not as obvious as you might expect!


Number 5 by PF Flyer

I was flipping through magazines over the weekend and I came across these new Number 5’s by PF Flyers. I love the odd materials they used, though I can’t say that I would necessarily buy a pair of them. I do really like the first shoe up there, on the left. I’m not big on flashy shoes, but this still has a lot of character, which shines through in the stitching and the details.


Jamie Wieck

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Jamie Wieck’s work around before, especially his business card plant, but it wasn’t until a couple days ago that I actually looked through his site. And by look through, I mean go through every project on his site and thoroughly check out every detail. The guy thinks of s many clever ways to get an idea across, it’s really quite inspiring.

The poster above is from a poster he created a huge flow diagram, helping you decide what you want to eat based upon the time of day and the weather. The bags below that I just thought were fun!
He also had some really awesome Virgin Atlantic coasters and cups up as well, but unfortunately Virgin got a bit fussy about him posting them, so he had to take them down. Lame.


Last Week In Music | 09/09 – 09/16

This week in Last Week In Music saw a huge boom in Devendra Banhart. Why? His new album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, may just be the best album that’s come out this year. It’s funny, because he sings in Spanish in 3 or 4 songs, and I honestly have no idea what he’s saying, but I sing along all the same. He’s made a near perfect album that’s mostly folk, but even goes into the realm of dub. Swear to god. The album comes out next Tuesday, so keep an eye out.

Then was The Radio Dept., which is actually pretty new to me still. I’d first heard them, like I’m guessing everyone else had, on the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. But I decided to get Lesser Matters, their debut album. And I’m pretty hooked on it. It’s pretty easy to see what Sophia Coppola liked about them, they sound to me like an updated version of My Bloody Valentine.

The rest of the list is filled out with the other usuals I listen to, with Beirut, Spoon, Earlimart, The Thrills, Travis and Jens Lekman’s albums still being listened to on a constant basis. And of course my staples, Belle & Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, and Bright Eyes.


‘God Save Stan Lee’ T-shirt

'God Save Stan Lee' T-shirt by Secret Headquarters

This might possibly the coolest, most clever t-shirt I’ve bought all year. Perhaps this entire decade!
The t-shirt was made by the fine folks over at Secret Headquarters, undoubtedly the finest comic shop in all of Los Angeles. Paying homage to the classic Sex Pistols graphic, the Queen has been kicked out by the King and grandfather of comic books.

This easily could have been made to look like shit. They could have tried using a ton of colors, or doing some sort of comic book looking font, but they didn’t. They stuck with a black shirt and tan colored ink, and made it just as rough and gritty as the original.

I’m not sure hwo many they have left of these, but I’m sure you could e-mail the awesome people over there and order one if you really want one… because I’m sure you do.

Check under the cut for a couple more pictures!
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