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Michel Gondry’s Dream for Motorola

Michel Gondry has teamed up with Motorola for their latest RAZR2 (can’t they think up any new 4 letter abbreviations?!) commercial called, Gondry’s Dream. The commercial is pretty cute overall, though I feel like he rehashed a bunch of ideas from old projects and mashed them all into this one. You’ve got fake cities, a forest that grows out of said fake city, a drummer, and then the overall surreal, dream environment.

I really feel like homeboy needs to start branching out more, because I really love his work, but I don’t want him to be a one trick pony. He looks like he’s sort of accomplishing this with his next movie, Be Kind Rewind, but it’s still got the DIY, home video thing going again.

Also noteworthy is the site itself. They did okay with it, but overall it’s a mess of Flash, sounds and music. Sadly, my biggest beef is with the video itself. I clicked to watch it, and I notice that there’s a blog option, which I thought was pretty cool and progressive. Motorola seemed to have gotten the memo that blogs will spread the word for you. So I copied the code and pasted it into Scribefire, and then changed the height and width to fit my blog better. But I noticed something was off, so I decided to publish this entry without writing anything, just to see what would show up.

It turns out that the code was absolute shit. The video is Flash based, it’s size cannot be changed, and it auto-plays right away. There were no sound controls or even player controls for that matter! It’s really too bad that they didn’t get it right, because this would have been a post about how Motorola understands how bloggers work.
But sadly Motorola, you really dropped the ball on this one.


Dan Funderburgh’s Blog at 12ozProphet

Decorated Sawblade by Dan Funderburgh

My favorite designer of beautiful repeating patterns, Dan Funderburgh, now has his own blog over on 12ozProphet. On it, he has the piece above, which he did for the Wunderkammer: Dream of Color/Strange Toys/Stars Clear show, which actually opened tonight at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research in New York. Phew, that was a mouthful!

He also has a bunch of random photos of patterns, photos of new work, and other random items. Definitely something to check out. Also be sure to check out some of the other bloggers at 12oz as well, such as Cody Hudson, Grotesk, Todd James, and Krink.


Darth Vader X Companion Figure by KAWS

The KAWS Companion X Darth Vader Figure

Earlier today, photos were released of KAWS newest vinyl figure, a mash up between his classic Companion figure, and the most bad ass villain ever, Darth Vader. As is usually how it goes, the figure is being released in super limited numbers. Except that this time around you have to be entered into a lottery, and you can only purchase one of these if you are picked. So basically, don’t expect this to show up in your favorite online vinyl store.

The toy is going to be released on September 29th, and you can only get it at the Original Fake store in Japan.


Smaller is a Big Thing by Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge has created an animated commercial for their Intel’s new ‘Smaller is a Big Thing’ campaign, and it’s pretty damn cute. The commercial talks about how transistors and processors work, and because they’re getting smaller, it’s a good thing for everyone. Geoff’s art looks pretty good as well, though I’m not sure about those animals, they’re kinda’ weird looking. But the scientist/professor is definitely cool looking.

Geoff McFetridge needs his own cartoon on Nickelodeon! You could have Yo Gabba Gabba! and then Geoff’s awesome looking cartoon that would have yetis and teddy bears and a lot of repeating patterns!


P.S. I found this on Friend & Stranger, who’s blog is definitely worth a damn.


Snowy Tree by Andrew Laumann
Paper Airplanes at Night by Chrischa Oswald

Photos by Andrew Laumann & Chrischa Oswald

With the changing landscape of how photographers being discovered, FJORD is stepping in to discover and show new talent that mainly shows on the internet, and putting their work into book form. In this way, people who aren’t avid Flickr hunters can be introduced to new and budding talent from the web.

I was able to find at least 5 amazing photographers that really stood out to me. What’s kind of amazing is how many of the very talented photographers are still in their teens! Definitely worth a visit.

Link via Another Company


Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

I know for a fact, the next time I’m in New York, I’m going to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. They sell all sorts of awesome (read: fake) superhero related things like invisibility dust, and capes, and all sorts of great things for your inner child (read: nerd). It’s really too bad they don’t have more pictures of the things they sell and their signage.

BUT! I did find this great Flickr set with a lot of images of the crazy things they sell. Definitely give it a look!


Wayne White

Every Time, Every God Damn Time by Wayne White

My first time seeing a Wayne White painting was in a restaurant here in LA, called Fred 62, they have about 6 or 7 I’d say. While I was looking at them though, I couldn’t really tell if the whole painting was painted by someone, or if someone had come in and painted the words in over it. Well it turns out the latter is true, as Wayne White has made quite a career out of this.

Wayne finds paintings at garage sales and flea markets, then paints in giant, 3D letting over the top of them, often with odd phrases like the one above, entitled ‘Every Time, Every God Damn Time’. I think what makes the paintings really work is the way he incorporates the type into the paintings, and also the colors he uses. Sadly, the best link I could find relating to him was a solo show he had at the Clementine Gallery last autumn.


Baby On Board T-shirt Found By The Sartorialist

Baby On Board T-shirt by Paul Frank

I have friend who has a slight obsession with trompe-l’Å“il, so I immediately thought of him when I saw this. The Sartorialist took this picture in Manhattan while he was shooting for Vogue Homme International. I think the photo is hysterical, and his framing of it is so great because it almost looks real!

Turns out the t-shirt is made by Paul Frank, which is called the Baby On Board Tee, haha. It’s only $24 over at Fred Flare!


Joy Ang

When I first started looking through Joy Ang’s illustrations, I was immediately drawn to them, she has a style reminiscent of James Jean. All of her work is extremely detailed and full of striking colors. Then I came across the images above, and I was absolutely floored! The images were are all of different fairy tale type characters, but done in her own, amazing way.

I was so enamored by these character designs in fact, that I threw them all into photoshop, and made the collage of characters you see above. You can download the image for your desktop by clicking here.

Also be sure to check out her work on inPRINT! to pick up a poster for yourself!



I was at Skylight Books again, and I was browsing through Dazed & Confused when I spotted an article about Foals, which was shot by the amazing Jason Nocito. Foals are a British band who’ve recently recorded their first album, which will hopefully be coming out soon! They sort of have a Rapture-esque sound to them, but I like Foals’ lead singers voice a hundred times better, haha. The video above is for their song ‘Mathletics’ which is a great song, and a pretty cool video. I like the parts with sheet and wind!

Also be sure to check out Foals Myspace to hear some more tracks that they have. I’d definitely suggest Big Big Love, probably my favorite song they have up.