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Alex Brown

I found this hysterical image last night in the front of Vice Magazine and had to post it. The photo was taken by Alex Brown, a photographer from New York who has a pretty great collection of portraits (though I’m not so hot on his website, sorry Alex).


Dazed & Confused’s Seduced By Light Videos

Currently at Dazed & Confused’s online portal, Dazed Digital, they are hosting a trio of amazing videos up called Seduced by Light, which each feature an amazing artist or collective of artists who work with light. The artists involved with the project are Jason Burges, who specializes in interactive light environments, United Visual Artists, who’ve created amazing light shows and displays for bands like Massive Attack, and David Batchelor who creates incredible lighting out of found objects.

Of the three my personal favorite is definitely the video featuring the United Visual Artists. Being able to see how they created the incredible visuals for Massive Attack’s live performances is pretty amazing. They also show their semi-permanent installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which features these giant LED pillars that sit in the courtyard.
And they have video of an incredible “mirror”, that is actually a ton of LEDs that cover a high sped camera that captures everything you do. Except that it replays your reflection almost 10 seconds later.

This is truly creative genius at work.


P.S. Dazed Digital has also decided to advertise on the blog, which is a first for me. When I created this blog about 6 months ago I decided that if I ever got to the point of advertising, I would only accept extremely worthwhile advertisers. I truly believe that this is a great project they have here, or I wouldn’t endorsing it. On that note, if anyone else would like to inquire about advertising, please contact me at And thanks to Dazed & Confused, and everyone’s support!

Tab-Dock Lighter for Honeyee

Tab-Dock Lighter for Honeyee

Honeyee has been a favorite of mine ever since I found out that KAWS had a blog over there. I read it daily, not only for KAWS, but also the blog of Masamishi Katayama of the amazing architecture firm, Wonderwall. But Honeyee has expanded yet again, and has started to sell some pretty rad stuff through their .

One of the coolest things I found in there was this awesome lighter made by tab-dock for Honeyee. The description is entirely in Japanese, and my efforts to translate the text didn’t turn out very well either. But that really doesn’t matter, cuz’ it’s an absolutely beautiful. I love how the top is thinner than the rest of the body, and the giant rivets on each side of it.

Although, I don’t if something this cool is worth over $60. But if it lasted for 20 years? Sure, it’d be worth it.


Triops Camera by Franziska Faoro

Triops Camera by Franziska Faoro

This little gem of an idea has been floating around the web for a while now, but it’s such a great concept that I wanted to put my own two cents in. This is the Triops, a camera that offers a ton of possibilities, and new experiences in photo taking. For example, you can attach a lanyard to it, and fling it into the air, taking incredible aerial shots. Or you can string it up at a party and have it respond to sound or movement, getting pictures of unexpected events. Built into it are 3 fisheye lenses, which coudl also give you 360º panoramic images as well.

The camera was created by Franziska Faoro, a German born designer who’s traveled the world studying design. I love that she totally destroyed the common notion of what a camera is, and was able to bring it into a new realm of potential. I know that I would think of a million things to do with something like this. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I would be in the street, throwing this thing up in the air as high as I could! I’d probably end up losing it that way! It would also be cool if it was waterproof as well, so you could have amazing underwater panoramic images. So much amazing potential!


Made in Bunch: Bunch Logo Redesign

A Bunch of Bunch Logos

Bunch Design is currently having a logo redesign, and you can get in on it. They’re looking for you (the oh-so creative type) to interpret their simple filled-in letter B shaped logo into something new and dynamic! So far there have been a ton of great entries, which makes it pretty fun to browse through them all. What you see above is some of my favorites, which kind of fall into all sorts of different categories.

Check out their redesign site, Made in Bunch, for all the rules and regulations and how to submit your own design.


Beautiful Decay Redesigns

Beautiful Decay's New Site

Beautiful Decay has a crazy new redesign up, which definitely bucks the current trend of simple is best. Probably inspired by the cover of their current issue, entitled ‘The Hyper Spectrum’, the site uses the brightest of colors and an intense patterned background as well. It reminds me a little of Paper Rad’s style, who most people would know from the artwork on the new M.I.A. album.

All in all though it’s a nice change of pace from a lot of other things on the web, and they still have a great daily feed of stuff to check out, and probably the best online t-shirt shop around.


Parskid Products at Flatcolor

Parskid Posters

I remember probably a few years ago, that Beautiful Decay did a collab with Parskid on a limited edition doll that I wanted really badly, but it was like $60 or something, and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a tiny stuffed creature. Well now Parskid has teamed up with a company called Flatcolor, to release a bunch of new products.

There are four new prints, a drinking glass, and a pocket mirror all together. All of the products feature sort of new style for Parskid as well, which is much less dark and creepy, and more in the vein of Jeff Soto or Tim Biskup, sort of surreal and nature-y. I really like this new style a lot actually, it’s a really good direction for him. The drinking glass is absolutely beautiful, which is reminiscent of Tord Boontje pattern.


Insane Traveling Movie Posters from Ghana

Battle For Endor Poster

Very randomly, my co-worker Aaron started telling me how Diane Keaton looked like one of the characters from the Star Wars offshoot made-for-TV movie, The Battle for Endor. I decided to look it up to see if I could find the character he was talking about, because this sounded hilarious.

While looking, I stumbled up this crazy Dutch movie poster website called the Affiche Museum. It turns out that the posters were a part of a traveling film unit that would show these movies around Ghana. I love how crazy they’re all painted. The over-the-top gore and bizarre monsters all make me giggle.

Click under the cut for more awesome posters.
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