Sigg Jones

Sigg Jones, Heavyweight Champion Wrestler Gone Crazy

Sigg Jones' Agent, Wearing Pink Healty Nike Vandals With Celestial Wings

Sigg Jones is a heavyweight, champion wrestler who’s getting ready for a match against The Dentist. Unfortunately, he downs a bad energy drink, causing all of the good to come out of him, and making him want to fight his Agent. Thankfully, the Agent has a little help of his own…

This is the plot behind the quirky short film by Matthieu Bessudo, Douglas Lassance, and Jonathan Vuillemin, three amazingly talented students from the Supinfocom School in France. Together they have created an absolutely brilliant video that is just as good as anything coming out of any major computer graphics studio.

The style of the characters are similar to those of Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz. They move compltely fluidly and gracefully, and I love that they have an almost clay appearance to them. The styling of the characters is also brilliant, outfitting the Agent in a pair of black and white Nike Vandals and Paul Smith jacket with a fluorescent green lining. Sigg Jones gets a pair of Puma Slipstreams and a creamy Reebok Power Glove. Their attention to detail definitely paid off, giving the whole video a pure sense of realism. I feel this is also true when it comes to the sounds they put in. Sound is often downplayed in videos like this. But while you watch it, you can’t help but feel you’re in the action with them.

It’s a truly amazing video. Definitely the best thing you’ve watched in a long time.

Link via NiceToMeetYou

September 27, 2007