KDDI’s Infobar 2 Phone

The Infobar 2 Phone

This post is about how yet again, the Japanese get most of the cool electronics in the world. KDDI, makers of notable phones such as the Talby, has just released the Infobar 2. The phone was designed by the amazing Naoto Fukasawa, who is probably one of the best industrial designers around these days.

I think what I really like about it is how un-modern it looks. The phone is much more about the design and the feel of it. I feel like a phone like this would be really good for mom, who doesn’t need a fancy-ass iPhone. She needs something that’s simple to read, with a large bright screen and that’s easy to find in her purse.

The Infobar 2 comes out in Japan this November.


September 27, 2007