Dazed & Confused’s Seduced By Light Videos

Currently at Dazed & Confused’s online portal, Dazed Digital, they are hosting a trio of amazing videos up called Seduced by Light, which each feature an amazing artist or collective of artists who work with light. The artists involved with the project are Jason Burges, who specializes in interactive light environments, United Visual Artists, who’ve created amazing light shows and displays for bands like Massive Attack, and David Batchelor who creates incredible lighting out of found objects.

Of the three my personal favorite is definitely the video featuring the United Visual Artists. Being able to see how they created the incredible visuals for Massive Attack’s live performances is pretty amazing. They also show their semi-permanent installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which features these giant LED pillars that sit in the courtyard.
And they have video of an incredible “mirror”, that is actually a ton of LEDs that cover a high sped camera that captures everything you do. Except that it replays your reflection almost 10 seconds later.

This is truly creative genius at work.


P.S. Dazed Digital has also decided to advertise on the blog, which is a first for me. When I created this blog about 6 months ago I decided that if I ever got to the point of advertising, I would only accept extremely worthwhile advertisers. I truly believe that this is a great project they have here, or I wouldn’t endorsing it. On that note, if anyone else would like to inquire about advertising, please contact me at hello@kitsunenoir.com. And thanks to Dazed & Confused, and everyone’s support!

September 26, 2007