Tab-Dock Lighter for Honeyee

Tab-Dock Lighter for Honeyee

Honeyee has been a favorite of mine ever since I found out that KAWS had a blog over there. I read it daily, not only for KAWS, but also the blog of Masamishi Katayama of the amazing architecture firm, Wonderwall. But Honeyee has expanded yet again, and has started to sell some pretty rad stuff through their .

One of the coolest things I found in there was this awesome lighter made by tab-dock for Honeyee. The description is entirely in Japanese, and my efforts to translate the text didn’t turn out very well either. But that really doesn’t matter, cuz’ it’s an absolutely beautiful. I love how the top is thinner than the rest of the body, and the giant rivets on each side of it.

Although, I don’t if something this cool is worth over $60. But if it lasted for 20 years? Sure, it’d be worth it.


September 25, 2007