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Parskid Posters

I remember probably a few years ago, that Beautiful Decay did a collab with Parskid on a limited edition doll that I wanted really badly, but it was like $60 or something, and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a tiny stuffed creature. Well now Parskid has teamed up with a company called Flatcolor, to release a bunch of new products.

There are four new prints, a drinking glass, and a pocket mirror all together. All of the products feature sort of new style for Parskid as well, which is much less dark and creepy, and more in the vein of Jeff Soto or Tim Biskup, sort of surreal and nature-y. I really like this new style a lot actually, it’s a really good direction for him. The drinking glass is absolutely beautiful, which is reminiscent of Tord Boontje pattern.


September 25, 2007 / By