The Bike Show

 The Bike Show featuring  Parra, Brent Rollins, Feoff McFetridge, Willo Perron, Tyler Gibney, Adrian Nyman and Grotesk

I believe that if you live in Los Angeles, you have to be pretty damn crazy to ride your bike around town. Most of the time there are no bike lanes at all, and the idea of riding between parked and moving cars doesn’t sound appealing to me in the slightest. But I do like the idea of an art show featuring bicycles with a retro feel, and graced with artwork and designs by some of the best artists around.

The Bike Show is taking place at the HVW8 Gallery on September 29th, from 7-10PM. The bikes themselves were designed by Tobias Adolfsson, who is a Swedish designer who wanted to create something that was well-designed, but still affordable and relatively low maintenance. The artists chosen to design the bikes are Swedish designer Parra, Ego Trip collective member Brent Rollins, my favorite designer in the world, Geoff McFetridge, jack-of-all-trades Willo Perron, HVW8 founder Tyler Gibney, photographer Adrian Nyman, and awesome illustrator, Grotesk. This should be a lot of fun! I’m definitely going and bringing my camera!


September 23, 2007 / By