Michel Gondry’s Dream for Motorola

Michel Gondry has teamed up with Motorola for their latest RAZR2 (can’t they think up any new 4 letter abbreviations?!) commercial called, Gondry’s Dream. The commercial is pretty cute overall, though I feel like he rehashed a bunch of ideas from old projects and mashed them all into this one. You’ve got fake cities, a forest that grows out of said fake city, a drummer, and then the overall surreal, dream environment.

I really feel like homeboy needs to start branching out more, because I really love his work, but I don’t want him to be a one trick pony. He looks like he’s sort of accomplishing this with his next movie, Be Kind Rewind, but it’s still got the DIY, home video thing going again.

Also noteworthy is the site itself. They did okay with it, but overall it’s a mess of Flash, sounds and music. Sadly, my biggest beef is with the video itself. I clicked to watch it, and I notice that there’s a blog option, which I thought was pretty cool and progressive. Motorola seemed to have gotten the memo that blogs will spread the word for you. So I copied the code and pasted it into Scribefire, and then changed the height and width to fit my blog better. But I noticed something was off, so I decided to publish this entry without writing anything, just to see what would show up.

It turns out that the code was absolute shit. The video is Flash based, it’s size cannot be changed, and it auto-plays right away. There were no sound controls or even player controls for that matter! It’s really too bad that they didn’t get it right, because this would have been a post about how Motorola understands how bloggers work.
But sadly Motorola, you really dropped the ball on this one.


September 23, 2007