Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis

Coudal Partners' Layer Tennis

Starting this coming Friday, September 28th, Coudal Partners will be proudly presenting the return of Layer Tennis! For those who aren’t sure, Layer Tennis is similar to tennis, but instead of rackets and balls you get Photoshop, Flash and any other creative medium of your choice. Given 15 minutes to complete a “volley”, you add to, twist, warp, and completely change an image in any way you want. That image is then passed to the other player who does the very same, but tries to one up you as well. Each round lasts for ten volleys, and when it’s all done, the site visitors get to vote on who won.

I’m really excited for this to start up again, these can be so much fun. I’m most looking forward to the third week of competitions, which take place on October 12th. The match features Chuck Anderson of No Pattem versus Steven Harrington, with commentary by the great Jason Kottke. This should be really interesting because of how different their respective styles are. Chuck Anderson is all about the multi-colored gradients and light trails, while Steven Harrington likes line drawings and half-tones.

I’m really biting my tongue a lot on this match-up, so I’m just going to say that I hope that Steven Harrington knocks the lens flares outta’ Chuck Anderson. But I’m also really hoping that they create something really bad ass together.


September 23, 2007