The Volkswagen Up!

Okay, here I go on another crazy rant about how small cars are really awesome!
Last week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled their new Up! concept vehicle, a tiny, city car that looks really amazing. I think what instantly drew it to me was the extra wide wheel base. What other car has a similar profile? Mini, the best freaking car in the world.

The car is a 4 passenger vehicle, has the engine mounted in back and a crazy-futuristic console display to make it easier to change the radio while you drive. One of my favorite details is the tailgate, which is made of a clear panel that has the VW logo behind it. When you turn your headlights on, the VW logo lights up! Another awesome feature is that all but the driver seats can lifted out and folded up, offering a ton of space for trips to IKEA.

I’ve read that they won’t immediately release this car to America, that Volkswagen wants to see how the Smart cars do in the market before they release something equally as petite. I say, hurry up and get them over here!

For a lot more techinical info, check out Zer Customs.


September 19, 2007