Toyota IQ Concept

I am in-friggin-love with this tiny car! I spotted this over on Coudal, and so I had to find it over on Jalopnik. This little beauty is the IQ Concept by Toyota, which is now the world’s smallest four seater passenger car.

I think this is exactly what the world needs more of. I’m so sick of giant, ugly cars that I can’t see around!
I really hope Toyota continues to change the car industry like they have been lately. Ford and GM and all those other idiotic car makers need to start realizing that they’re going to lose their market if they continue to make ONLY big ass, dumb cars.

Click here to read more about the IQ, and click here to see more awesome photos.
I also just noticed over on NiceToMeetYou that they have a website up for the car as well! They have a really great promotional video up there that looks really great. Check it out here.


September 13, 2007