Jeff Soto’s Lucky Thirteen Calender

I bought this for Jeff’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and had to share it. Jeff Soto has released a 2008 calender called ‘Lucky Thirteen’, featuring 13 of his paintings from the last few years. It’s a petite sort of size, probably only about 10 x 10″, but the images are super crisp and clear. Not only that, but you also get an awesome mini-zine he created as well. Inside he has some sort of custom sketch or potato print inside, and he also signed it! In addition to all that, it also comes with a sheet of stickers. Pretty awesome stuff.

You can pick this up over at Murphy Marketplace for $33.

Also check out a shot of the sketch he did inside of the zine, as well as the stickers under the cut.


September 13, 2007