Killers Kill, Dead Men Die by Annie Leibovitz

The amazing Annie Leibovitz has created an incredible fashion spread in the new issue of Vanity Fair called Killers Kill, Dead Men Die, which is shot in a style that mimics film noirs. Leibovitz said that she wanted to create “a sense of continuity to the Hollywood Issue”, so she wrangled up the best that Hollywood had to offer to fill her story. There are near 40 major actors, actresses, and even a director in there, which includes Anjelica Huston, Ed Norton, Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, and the always amazing, Jack Nicholson.

The spread has a loose narrative, and generally follows the main elements and narratives that film noir usually carried. There are femme fatales, private detectives, reporters, jealous women, hard-boiled cops, the whole nine yards. What Leibovitz did magnificently, was trying to recapture the spirit, and intrigue, and darkness of film noir. All of the clothing is modern clothing, but it all has that vintage feel that make you think that you’re looking into the past.

The photos look so amazing, and it’s also pretty fun going through each image to see who plays which characters!
Click the link below to see the rest of the images from the shoot!


September 11, 2007