I Got My Field Notes!

Sadly, today really kicked my ass. Work was hard and I left late, and I wasn’t really feeling like myself after work. But thankfully, my Field Notes 3-Pack came in the mail to make things a little bit better!

So far, I think I’m going to like these better than a Moleskine. They’re a lot smaller and thinner than a Moleskine is, which I can see being better for me. I feel like I could stash these in my back pocket and a) they wouldn’t be super bulky, and b) would stay in good shape, despite my sitting on it.

They also have some really cute details in them, like a place to put your e-mail address in case it gets lost, and a space to put if a “handsome reward is waiting” for whoever does find it. Or you can say there isn’t a reward, the choice is yours, haha. I also think it’s fun that they included a pen and pencil in with the notebooks, just in case you don’t have anything to write with, you know? And not to forget, a cute little Coudal sticker.

But the real test will come in the next few weeks once I start using them. But the very least, they’re wonderfully designed, and sure to come in handy.

Click the link below to see more pictures of the Field Notes, including lots of fun details!


September 11, 2007