Mike Andrews / Hand On String with Geoff McFetridge Artwork

A few weeks ago, in fact, the day before my birthday, Jeff and I stopped by GR2 and Giant Robot for a look around. I had previously posted about how I had picked up an awesome Geoff McFetridge book called, It Looks Like A Smile. Well, I also picked up one other gem.

What it is, is a book of images to go along with Mike Andrews’ new record, Hand On String. When I was in the store, I didn’t really know or care who Mike Andrews was, I just knew that I really wanted the book. I popped the CD into the car CD player, and Jeff and I listened to it on our way from Santa Monica back to Hollywood. To our surprise, the album was actually really good. We were absolutely shocked!
When I think of buying music with an art book, I usually think it’s going to suck. But this defied that notion completely. We spent the rest of that Sunday listening to the album over and over, it felt like just the thing to listen to at the time.

Finally the other day I decided to do some research on Mike Andrews to see who the guys was. Turns out that he does film scores, like Orange County, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and a movie called Donnie Darko. In fact, he’s the guy who helped record the amazing Mad World with Gary Jules. Now it all made sense.
Going to his website, you can see that he asked Geoff McFetridge to do the artwork for his album, and was able to make a special edition book to go along with it. The music and book are both amazing, and I intensely recommend everyone to check them out.

Mike Andrews / Just A Thought

Also be sure to check under the cut for a bunch of images from inside the amazing book!


September 10, 2007