Last Week In Music | 09/02 – 09/09

My most listened to artist last week was definitely Yo La Tengo, by leaps and bounds. I was walking through a parking lot the other day to get to my car and I heard someone listening to a track off of Electr-O-Pura, and it reminded me of how long it had been since I listened to that album. So I ended up spending a lot of time listening to that album over and over, plus a few of the other’s. Yo La Tengo is such a solid band, they never let me down.

Next up was the new Devendra Banhart album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, which I’m claiming as a DEFINITE best of the year album. I’ll even give it top 5 status, it’s that good. This album sounds so much more mature, and more thought out. I have a feeling that this record is going to make him a lot bigger than he ever was.
There’s only one problem with his second place standing. My music thingy wasn’t working all of Sunday, at least I don’t think it was, so the play count should have been at least double, because I can’t stop listening to this album.

Then I’ve got Earlimart still up there, with their new album, Mentor Tormentor. I’m still digging this album a lot.
After that is José Gonzalez with his new album, In Our Nature. It’s not the most exciting record, but it’s good for a relaxing time. Like Santori time. And the Massive Attack cover of ‘Teardrop’ really isn’t that great.
And then of course there’s the new Beirut album, The Flying Club Cup. He’s playing here in LA soon, and I definitely will not miss that. I need to see him perform live before I die.

The rest of the bunch are Final Fantasy, who’s also playing here in LA soon, Bright Eyes, cuz’ I’m still feeling out Cassadaga, Mike Andrews, who’ll I’ll be posting about soon, the new UNKLE album, War Stories, which isn’t as good (or hip hop) as it used to be, and finally, Stars, who are always a staple of my collection.


September 10, 2007