Britney Spears VMA 2007 Performance Video

This is something that TOTALLY doesn’t belong in my blog, but I was so curious to find this so I has to post it! Here’s Britney’s performance from the MTV Video Music Awards from earlier tonight, and I have a few thoughts about it.

First, I’ll go with the positives. I thought the song was good. It was pretty damn catchy, and the production sounded really awesome. I loved all the layering to it, so props for that. As long as she doesn’t drop her two kids or come out with lesbian porn tape anytime soon, the song should be a hit.
Okay, now I only have bad things to say, haha. She looked REALLLLLYYYYY bad, man, oh man. It wasn’t really her body that I thought was gross, she has a normal (read: none pop star) figure, it was her dancing! She looked out of breath, and like she wasn’t even trying! And I loved that needed help getting on and off the stage, haha.
Then there were the ‘strippers’ on the tables dancing for the stars, and at the end when they cameras were desperately looking for someone who enjoyed her performance… yikes.

Okay, no more crappy posts like this, I promise! Back to awesome illustrators and designers and shoes!


September 9, 2007