The New iPods ’07

I’ve been extremely busy for the last few days, getting back into the swing of life without Jeff, so posting has been, well, crappy lately. Anyway, yesterday Steve Jobs announced the arrival of new iPods, with new styles, new functions, new colors, the works!

Let’s start with the big, and talk about the iPhone first, because it was probably the largest announcement of the entire keynote speech. So, now you can get an 8GB iPhone, for $200 less than it previously was. Which is absolutely amazing, and I’m glad I waited (aka didn’t have $600 lying around). You can also access the soon to be accessible iTunes Wi-Fi Music store, which will allow you to download music over the internet, which I guess some people wanted. I’m not that into it, personally.

Next down the line is the newly unveiled iPod touch, which is exactly like the iPhone, except you know, without the phone part. You get the touch screen, Coverflow, and the most exciting part, they put a browser in, which in many ways, makes this the mini-computer everyone dreams that we’ll all use one day. Now they just need to find a way to import their AMAZING new iWorks program, and then you’d really have something. It also features Wi-Fi like the iPhone as well.

But unfortunately, it has one HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE problem. They only come with storage capacities of 8GB and 16GB. Now, I’m sure it’s not easy to fit all that crazy shit in there, but I personally have around 45GB of music. I know I don’t listen to all of my music, all of the time, but it’s nice to have all of it on my iPod, in case of a rainy day.

Then we have the iPod Classic, which to me is the best buy of the bunch. It received a ton of upgrades, in all forms as well. It now has a brushed aluminum case, and the corners are more rounded. The interface also got a face lift, with new menus, a search function and Coverflow. They also upped the storage capacity to a crazy 80GB and 160GB of music. The classic to me, seems like a much better deal.

The iPod nano is the next down the line, which was completely made over to look like the fat, little brother of the iPod classic. I guess it’s cool that they put the new interface in it, that you can watch video, and that it’s brighter, but I’m still not really sure about it. I do like the colors they picked for it, much more modern and fun, but the form itself really turns me off.
Though I won’t totally dismiss it! I have this weird feeling that when I see it in person I’ll think it’s small and amazing.

The last one to go over is the iPod shuffle, which only got an upgrade in colors, so now it comes in an aqua, leaf, purple, red, and the old standby, silver. Still an amazing little object, I’m not really sure how they’d improve upon it.

But that’s the amazing thing about Apple. They keep improving on ‘it’.


September 6, 2007