Alexander McQueen x PUMA Collaboration

Alexander McQueen is definitely not my cup of tea when it comes to fashion, I think he’s a rather odd duck. But here I am, posting about him once again.
This time around, McQueen has partnered up with shoe-makers PUMA, to create some really over the top/excessive shoes, that, well, ended up looking pretty rad. The shoe above is covered in stingray, which is kinda creepy, but kinda rad at the same time. But I do feel bad for the stingray friends who had to be killed so we could have shoes.
Not like it really matters, considering that the shoes are in the $1200 range… THAT is quite a sting, har har har har…

Be sure to check out the weird ass website as well, which states that the inspiration for the line come from “ManCat”, which represented the fusion of the two companies… friggin’ weirdos.


September 6, 2007