Julian Wolkenstein

In real life, I’m definitely not a blogger. I work for a photographer who has a certain knack for taking pictures of animals. I’ll be posting about her in a little bit, but I found the horse images above somewhere last week before I left, and e-mailed them to her immediately. I think they’re so funny!

The pictures were taken by Julian Wolkenstein, an Australian photographer who shoots some really amazing work. Also, I was playing around with his site for a while and it’s a lot of fun (minus the really annoying, giant pop-up window it comes in). You can refresh the page and new backgrounds show up behind his board of work. And as you’re looking through, other things interact with the mini-environment, like a soccer ball bouncing through, a bird landing on the top of the board, or a car driving by!
You can read about the creation of his site by clicking here.

Extremely well done site, with some really great, fresh work.


September 4, 2007