Jillian Tamaki

This was another gem I came across in my e-mail… I can’t believe I hadn’t posted about this yet!
Jillian Tamaki is a Canadian illustrator who lives and works in Brooklyn, and is by far one of the best illustrators I’ve stumbled across this year.
Her style has this precious, ink drawn feeling to them, sometimes like they were painted. All of her lines seem so perfect, being exactly the right sizes in absolutely the perfect places. She also has an amazing sense of color and composition, which make her pieces truly stand out amongst the others.
So not only is she an amazing illustrator, I believe she’s dating Sam Weber, who would is the equally as amazing, yet darker, moodier, and I’m sure much more male version of herself! They’re like the best illustrating couple in the world! Ugh!

Be sure to check out the interview’s Jillian did with HITSPAPER and Illustration Friday, to get a peek into her beautifully drawn little world.
She also has a new book of illustrations out called, ‘Gilded Lilies‘, which collects her drawings over the last few years. It’s 124 pages, and only $17 if you live in the States!


September 4, 2007