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3D Letterforms

I randomly stumbled across these over on FFFFound so I thought I’d post them.
I think they’re so beautiful looking! I wish I could make awesome 3D letters. But I honestly have no idea who did these. I tried figuring it out to see what other work they have, but alas nothing.

Anyone know who did these?


Could This Be The New iPod Nano?

Yesterday at 2:30 PM, tech-blog Gizmodo posted some blurry spy pictures of what was being called the new iPod Nano. iPod rumors are pretty all over the place, usually never right. But the funny thing is that Apple’s lawyers asked Gizmodo to take down the pictures, that the object shown in the image was intellectual property, and so they did.
But what they decided to also do, was make a mock up in photoshop of what the pictures showed, which is now their property, and is what you see above. As Gizmodo’s article states, Apple is known for making fakes to throw peopleoff, and this could even be an old prototype. I have a really hard time believing that this is real, it would be a total step backwards, especially with what we’ve seen Apple do with the Shuffle.

I have faith in Apple (but mostly Jonathan Ive) that it’s not going to come out looking like that.


PCP aka Heisuke Kitazawa

I know that when I think of PCP, I think of when I was in the sixth grade. We were told a story about how some dude was arrested because he was all hopped up on PCP, and ended up breaking out of his own handcuffs, and out of the back of a cop car, because it basically gave him super strength. Being as weird as I am, I immediately wanted some PCP, so that I too could break through handcuffs and Hulk smash through police cars.

But that has nothing to do with the artist PCP, who sometimes go by the name of Heisuke Kitazawa. Kitazawa moved from Japan to LA and lived here for 16 years, until 2002 when he decided to move back and start working as a freelance illustrator. Now he draws amazing work that looks somewhere between Disney and your favorite anime.

He recently painted some giant murals for the Hotel Tomo in San Francisco, and he has a really great webstore as well, so be sure to check all of it out!


Travis / My Eyes Video

So far, this year has been an amazing year for music. I can’t remember the last time I had so many great albums to listen to at one time. But one of the albums that’s definitely in the top 5 is Travis’ new album, The Boy With No Name. It marks a return to the band being happy once again, after they’re dreadfully depressing and overly political last album.
The video above is for the song My Eyes, which is definitely one of the cutest songs on the album. Just watch the video and take some time to enjoy.


I Packed This Bag All By Myself

I saw these funny luggage tags over on Boing Boing and had to post them. They were posted on to Flickr by justinph, after he got them from his mother, who bought them at Target on clearance for $1.98! Such an awesome deal!
I love that in the name area, you can mark if that’s your real name, or an alias, haha…


Mauricio Alejo

I received the new issue of Wired in the mail yesterday and flipped through it pretty fast because Jeff and I were headed out to dinner. So as I was flipping through, I came across this picture by Mauricio Alejo and was totally stunned!
I think it’s sooooo cool. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s so beautifully done.
The photo is for an article called ‘Turns Out, Money Does Grow on Trees‘, about how people are buying tracts of forest to use them for companies who want to invest in carbon offsetting.


Form 07 Chair by Alexei Belyalov

Check out these amazing Form 07 chairs by Alexei Belyalov! They were made to look like his grandmother’s chairs which were covered with blankets to keep them warm, so your skin didn’t touch the cool metal.
But I think they look like ghost chairs!
It’s also pretty cool that you can take off the side pieces to make really long bench versions with them as well. Really unique and creative thinking.

Check under the cut for some more photos!
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Mix Tape USB Drive by SUCK UK

Making a good mix for someone is definitely art form. I think of myself as a pretty good mix maker, I have a pretty amazing boyfriend to prove it. Suck UK is finally going somewhere else with the idea of mixes with their Mix Tape USB Drive. It’s also pretty damn simple.
Take a plain old USB stick, and put it in a case that looks like an old cassette tape, and voila! Instant new, cool idea. I mean, the packaging is what really sells here, cuz’ you could do this very same thing quite easily, only with much less style.
These little guys will be out in September, so keep an eye out!

Link via Core 77


Field Notes Brand Notebooks

I received an e-mail earlier today saying that the Coudal/Draplin’s Field Notes were being shipped. I went over to the site and sure enough, there’s a tiny ‘Order Now’ button at the bottom. Field Notes are kind of like a Moleskine, but their thinner with a cardboard cover and grid paper.
I went ahead and ordered a three pack for $9.95, just to check them out and see how they are. Plus I get priority shipping because I know the secret password! Awesome!