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Andreas Samuelsson

My lust for awesome patterns is never ending, and so thankfully I stumbled across the portfolio of Andreas Samuelsson. Andreas is a Swedish designer who has some pretty sweet patterns, as well as a bunch of awesome illustrations.
Definitely check out his work for Steffe & Bubblan, lots of rad things happening in there.


Jon Huck’s Couples

I love this collection of photos by Jon Huck! Huck took 70 pictures of couples (140 total), mounted them to 4 x 8″ wood blocks, and hung them on wooden pegs. All together they make this huge awesome quilt of people. I think the presentation of it all is what really gets me. I love going to public places and watching people, it’s so much fun. This sort of reminds of that, except you can’t get caught staring this way…

Click here to read a great article about the project from LA Weekly.


Elbe Philharmonic by Herzog + de Meuron

Herzog + de Meuron are having a really good year. As of now, the Swiss architects have 7 major projects going on, including the Portsmouth Football Stadium and that little Chinese project
But I think I’m most excited about the Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg, Germany. The 1.3 million-square-foot building is a part of plan by city officials to move the harbor cities center by 40 percent. This is part of a grander scheme to allow for 5,500 new apartments as well as new business and retail spaces, a new school, a maritime museum AND a new aquarium. Phew.

The hall is being built in and on top of an old cocoa bean warehouse, where it will be over 360 feet tall at points. I love the fact that they’re using this old building, and giving it a new life. I’m so sick of America and it’s desire to live in cookie cutter houses. Why don’t we fix what we have already and make it amazing?
Thankfully, Herzog + de Meuron have 3 other projects going on in the U.S., they know we need some improvements as well.


Day 19’s Polaroid Project

I secretly would love to be many things, I think like most people, but one of my top jobs would be a photographer. And I mostly think about when I’m looking at an awesome portfolio site that I’m extremely jealous of, just like the folks over at Day 19. Day 19 is made up of Jeremy & Claire Weiss, a duo/married couple who have been shooting together for over 10 years.
They have an amazing amount of work, with some of the most amazing people out there, it’s pretty unbelievable. They also have a really beautiful collection of Polaroids as well, which are definitely worth your time browsing through, They even have a blog!


Jethro Haynes

Jethro Haynes is a sculptor/designer/genius living in London right now and making amazing sculptures. The shoes above are from a project he worked on with Hudson-Powell for Pointer Footwear. The top image, is an octopus that’s in love with a lighthouse, so says the guys over at Hudson-Powell.
I can’t believe how cool these are! The detail he goes to is so fucking amazing. It makes me want to sculpt really badly, though I would never come up with anything like this.
Be sure to check out Jethro’s site as well, he has some pretty rad typefaces as well over there.

And check under the cut for a few more images of his amazing sculptures.
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3D Letterforms

I randomly stumbled across these over on FFFFound so I thought I’d post them.
I think they’re so beautiful looking! I wish I could make awesome 3D letters. But I honestly have no idea who did these. I tried figuring it out to see what other work they have, but alas nothing.

Anyone know who did these?


Could This Be The New iPod Nano?

Yesterday at 2:30 PM, tech-blog Gizmodo posted some blurry spy pictures of what was being called the new iPod Nano. iPod rumors are pretty all over the place, usually never right. But the funny thing is that Apple’s lawyers asked Gizmodo to take down the pictures, that the object shown in the image was intellectual property, and so they did.
But what they decided to also do, was make a mock up in photoshop of what the pictures showed, which is now their property, and is what you see above. As Gizmodo’s article states, Apple is known for making fakes to throw peopleoff, and this could even be an old prototype. I have a really hard time believing that this is real, it would be a total step backwards, especially with what we’ve seen Apple do with the Shuffle.

I have faith in Apple (but mostly Jonathan Ive) that it’s not going to come out looking like that.