Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran is an Art Center grad who currently lives in Los Angeles and destroys everyone with his amazing illustrations. The dude has worked for a ton of magazines including The New York Times, ESPN, Metropolis and Nike, and he’s even had amazing printed totes made. His sketchy style and amazing use of colors remind me a lot of Pietari Posti, an equally amazing illustrator, and great company to be with.
While you’re on site, be sure to visit his motion section, with some really funny Discovery Channel commercials!

Link via Meathaus

There are more examples of his work under the cut, so check there too!
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3D Tokyo Book

I was rooting through Paul Smith the other day when I came across this amazing. D Tokyo is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of tourist-y photos taken using stereoscopic imaging to make them look 3D, and a pair of red and blue glasses so you can see the magic.
Go check it out, the book is only $20 through the website.


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My Private Sky Plates by Kram/Weisshaar

My Private Sky is an incredible project by the guys over at Kram/Weisshaar. For a select few people they are creating a custom set plates with his or her personal night sky map from the time and place of their birth. The plates can contain over 500 stars, nebulae, planets and constellations, all of which are hand-painted in gold and platinum.
The personal night sky map is generated through a computer program which produces a blueprint, and is then given to the artists at Porzellan Manufaktur where they hand paint every detail.

It’s really too bad that these plates are going to be nearly impossible to get a hold of. This is such an excellent idea that should be open to anyone who would like a set. What about a black enamel version that has some sort of computer paint the star map over the plates? I want star map plates!!!

Check under the cut for a few more images of this amazing dinnerware.
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Geoff McFetridge Bike

So I already know what I want for my birthday.
What you see above is a bike designed by the good folks over at 16st Design Project, with graphics by none other than Geoff McFetridge. The bike goes for about ¥50,000 or $430, but is totally worth every penny, in my opinion.
I love the bright blue color, and based upon the website, you can customize the hell out of it as well.
To check it out, and try to attempt to read Japanese, click here.

Link via unfolded/now!


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Chiho Aoshima Interview

The amazing Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima has an interview in the newest issue of Departures magazine. I posted about her previously (which you can read here), so I was excited to see that a major magazine had picked up on her as well. The article describes how she received her degree in economics, not art school, and how she was taught Illustrator while she was working at an advertising agency, which lead her to work underneath the amazing Takashi Murakami.
It also talks about here career and successes so far, as well her process in creating her images. Definitely worth your time.

Check out under the cut for more images!
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Ron Mueck Video

Check out this amazing video about Ron Mueck, who in my opinion is probably the best sculptor in the world. His hyper-realism is absolutely breathtaking. The video was filmed during his show at The National Gallery in London. During the video they discuss how he creates his work, and the amount of detail that goes into each piece. It’s a pretty remarkable process.

And just as a side note, this is probably not entirely work safe, even though it’s just art. There is complete nudity, so don’t watch this around grandchildren, or extreme conservatives.

Link via Fecal Face


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Last Week In Music | 08/19 – 08/26

I’ve decided to try something new here for Monday mornings. keeps track of all them music I listen to, except for when I’m in the car. It’s basically recording what I listen to 16 hours out of the day for 5 days a week, and then a little more intermittently on the weekend, depending upon what’s going on. So I thought I’d start posting a weekly tally of what I was listening to the previous week!

So based upon the chart above, I’ve listened to the new Jens Lekman album, Night Falls Over Kortedala, a whole lot. I was a big fan of ‘Oh You’re So Silent Jens‘, but this new album destroys all the others. The record comes out on October 9th, so be sure to keep a look out!

Next is the new Earlimart record, Mentor Tormentor, which could possibly be in the top 5 albums of the year. Moving away from their overly fragile/depressing style on the last record, their totally kicking ass and making some of the most layered, beautiful music they’ve ever created. The best way I can describe it is somewhere between Elliot Smith (duh) and The Dandy Warhols circa ‘Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia’. Go check out their site to hear some of the tracks from the new album!

The rest of the list includes Mike Andrews, someone I will be posting about seperately. My all-time favorites Belle & Sebastian and Rilo Kiley’s new record, Under the Blacklight (which isn’t that great, seriously disappointing).
Then there’s Thurstoon Moore’s new album, Trees Outside the Academy, which is like a stripped down, acoustic version of Sonic Youth. It’s completely amazing. After that is Caribou’s new record Andorra, Jarvis Cocker’s newest, The Thrills AMAZING new album, Teenager, and of course, the lovely Travis.

Check back next Monday for a new update!

Update: My friend FW over at unfolded/now has decided to join me in posting his previous weeks tunes, as well as the folks over at DTYBYWL… just go to their site to see what that means, haha. Everyone should do this!

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Tim Gough

I browsing through The Serif and noticed that he just posted about Philadelphia artist, Tim Gough. His artwork is extremely colorful, and I love that he uses watercolors on a lot of his work. My favorite find on his site was the William Shatner piece above, which he did for The Shatner Show.


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