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Beautiful Decay T-shirts

It’s weird that I’ve never posted about Beautiful Decay before, even though I visit their site at least once a month. My favorite part of their site is their shop, because they have a ton of awesome t-shirts by a slew of great artists, not to mention books and music and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.
The two shirts above are my favorites at the moment, though unfortunately they’re out of medium sized ones, which is lame. Go take a look and buy yourself something nice.


BlueFlip Art

I have a ton of artwork in my apartment, and unfortunately, I never get it framed. But nevertheless, I still love art, especially when it’s really cheap and still great looking. Thanks to BlueFlip, that’s possible.
They have nearly 30 artists in their roster, all with multiple pieces selling for around $20 each. And they’re not crappy or small either. The pieces above by the amazing Eduardo Recife are around 17″x 12″, and go for $37.95 each. That’s a really awesome deal for such an amazing artist.
Definitely check out the rest of their artists as well, there’s a style for every taste.


The National Library of Belarus

I found this picture the other day and I was amazed! The National Library in Belarus is a 22 story, rhombicuboctahedron shaped building located in Minsk. The locals say that the president of Belarus, Mr. Lukashenko, wanted to build an impressive building, so students had to bring money to school for several months and teachers are having parts of their salary taken just to pay for it.
Other people say that it looks like a giant Death Star, haha.

I think it’s rather beautiful. Having something light up like that at such a large scale is pretty awesome. I’d love to see it in person, I’m sure it’s even more amazing.

Click here for more pictures and a video of the giant LED beauty!


Mopa Studio

Mopa Studio is a Brazilian graphic design firm that has an incredible knack for color. They also are extremely detailed when it comes to their typography, which definitely give all of their projects a wholesome feel.
As a side note, refresh their site several times–the logo at the top changes each time you do. I really like the thread wrapped around the cardstock one!

The image above is from a collaboration they did with Sopro. I haven’t seen a huge, graphic print like that on a sweatshirt in a while. Although it’s pretty bold, I totally think I’d rock one when autumn comes in.

Link via CPLUV!



Okay, random story:
I was checking my stat counter earlier when I noticed that Ben Jonsson at Random Hero had linked up to me. Whenever people link to me I always check out their sites, cuz’ if they like my blog, I’ll most likely enjoy whatever they’ve got. Unfortunately, his portfolio site is under construction at the moment, but I did notice he had another blog linked along with mine, called createmake.

Createmake was started by Ragna Freyr, who is a graphic designer based in Iceland. It pretty much does the same thing as this blog–trying to find cool stuff by awesome people from interesting places. Createmake also tries to locate and promote Icelandic creatives as well, which is really cool.
I’m also extremely jealous of his blog entry title fonts. I wish I had a unique font like they do!

So if you like my blog, which you probably do if you’re reading this, then you’ll definitely enjoy createmake!

The Capuccino Coast

How crazy is this?! The coastal beach north of Sydney, Australia is being turned into a giant, frothy mess! This foamy weirdness goes out thirty feet into the ocean!
Scientists say that the foam is caused by “impurities in the ocean, such as salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish and excretions from seaweed.” All of that shit is the stirred up by ocean currents, causing it to bubble. All of the bubbles start sticking together, thus turning into foam.
Now I think it’s really cool, maybe even fun looking, but dead fish and seaweed excretions?
No thanks, I’m cool.

Click here for the official story and more pictures.


Boing Boing Gets Redesigned

Boing Boing, one of the largest blogs in the world, has received a massive update to its site. I’ve been reading Boing Boing for about a year now, and I think I liked the previous version better.
Sure it was cluttered and ugly, but I think it better-matched the feel of what the site was about; a hodgepodge of links and images from all over the web.

The redesign was done by Jemma Hostetler, and the new character mascots were done by the masters of pixels, eBoy. I guess my beef with the overall design is that it’s sooooo damn white. It’s boringly minimal. Not only that, but it makes their ads stick a lot more. I never really realized how many annoying ads they had before this.

Also as a part of their redesign they’ve added Boing Boing Gadgets, which contains “personal technology and consumer electronics”. To me, it kind of seems like they want another page where you can go and click some links in order for them to make more money. I think it’s completely superfluous to make another entire site just for gadgets.
They’ve also brought comments back, which I don’t really care about all that much, haha.

I guess overall it’s a step in the right direction, but I just hope that they do some really great stuff now that they’ve done an entire update.


Beirut / The Flying Clup Cup

I just “found” the new Beirut album, The Flying Club Cup, and I’m utterly speechless and extraordinarily excited all at once!
It’s amazing so far… absolutely amazing. It sounds much like Lon Gisland, and less like Gulag Orkestar, which I think is an improvement. It’s much more French, and less Gypsy/Balkan.
I’m also really excited that Zach Condon worked with Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy on this one. Mr. Pallett’s string arrangements are familiar to a lot of people, because he also collaborates with a little Canadian band called Arcade Fire.
As soon as I get a better listen to the album I’ll post a track for everyone to hear, just to get an idea of how SPECTACULAR this sounds. Until then, dream of October 9th, the day the album is released.