Umbrella Pot by Kyouei Design

There are two things I don’t get very much of in my life here in LA. One is the use of an umbrella, because it hardly ever rains here, and two, would be plants in my apartment, because I don’t have very much room. But if I had more rain, and more space, I’d totally want one of these!
It’s simply called an Umbrella Pot, and it does exactly what it says. It holds your umbrella after you come home from a rainy day, but then the water trickles into the pot part, watering your small, plant friend. I’m guessing that this is just a prototype, but I could see these doing rather well in the mainstream market.
Be sure to check out Kyouei Designs website as well, they have some rather cool lamps as well.

Link via Jean Snow


August 29, 2007