Okay, random story:
I was checking my stat counter earlier when I noticed that Ben Jonsson at Random Hero had linked up to me. Whenever people link to me I always check out their sites, cuz’ if they like my blog, I’ll most likely enjoy whatever they’ve got. Unfortunately, his portfolio site is under construction at the moment, but I did notice he had another blog linked along with mine, called createmake.

Createmake was started by Ragna Freyr, who is a graphic designer based in Iceland. It pretty much does the same thing as this blog–trying to find cool stuff by awesome people from interesting places. Createmake also tries to locate and promote Icelandic creatives as well, which is really cool.
I’m also extremely jealous of his blog entry title fonts. I wish I had a unique font like they do!

So if you like my blog, which you probably do if you’re reading this, then you’ll definitely enjoy createmake!

August 28, 2007