My Private Sky Plates by Kram/Weisshaar

My Private Sky is an incredible project by the guys over at Kram/Weisshaar. For a select few people they are creating a custom set plates with his or her personal night sky map from the time and place of their birth. The plates can contain over 500 stars, nebulae, planets and constellations, all of which are hand-painted in gold and platinum.
The personal night sky map is generated through a computer program which produces a blueprint, and is then given to the artists at Porzellan Manufaktur where they hand paint every detail.

It’s really too bad that these plates are going to be nearly impossible to get a hold of. This is such an excellent idea that should be open to anyone who would like a set. What about a black enamel version that has some sort of computer paint the star map over the plates? I want star map plates!!!

Check under the cut for a few more images of this amazing dinnerware.


August 27, 2007