PCP aka Heisuke Kitazawa

I know that when I think of PCP, I think of when I was in the sixth grade. We were told a story about how some dude was arrested because he was all hopped up on PCP, and ended up breaking out of his own handcuffs, and out of the back of a cop car, because it basically gave him super strength. Being as weird as I am, I immediately wanted some PCP, so that I too could break through handcuffs and Hulk smash through police cars.

But that has nothing to do with the artist PCP, who sometimes go by the name of Heisuke Kitazawa. Kitazawa moved from Japan to LA and lived here for 16 years, until 2002 when he decided to move back and start working as a freelance illustrator. Now he draws amazing work that looks somewhere between Disney and your favorite anime.

He recently painted some giant murals for the Hotel Tomo in San Francisco, and he has a really great webstore as well, so be sure to check all of it out!


August 23, 2007