Could This Be The New iPod Nano?

Yesterday at 2:30 PM, tech-blog Gizmodo posted some blurry spy pictures of what was being called the new iPod Nano. iPod rumors are pretty all over the place, usually never right. But the funny thing is that Apple’s lawyers asked Gizmodo to take down the pictures, that the object shown in the image was intellectual property, and so they did.
But what they decided to also do, was make a mock up in photoshop of what the pictures showed, which is now their property, and is what you see above. As Gizmodo’s article states, Apple is known for making fakes to throw peopleoff, and this could even be an old prototype. I have a really hard time believing that this is real, it would be a total step backwards, especially with what we’ve seen Apple do with the Shuffle.

I have faith in Apple (but mostly Jonathan Ive) that it’s not going to come out looking like that.


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  1. swik August 26, 2007 at 1:14 AM

    i plopped this open on one of the computers at the apple store to see what would happen and a mysterious old man(not in uniform) exits out of it quickly. lol

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