It Looks Like A Smile by Geoff McFetridge

Jeff and I went out to the Third Street Promenade on Saturday, and on our way back we decided to stop by Giant Robot and GR2. As we walk in something immediately catches my eye… it’s one of Geoff McFetridge’s books he put out for Nieves! It’s called It Looks Like A Smile, and it was made for the ‘All Smiles Have Teeth’ exhibit at the Kernistry Gallery in London.
And because my birthday is tomorrow, Jeff went ahead and bought it for me! YAY!

I looked on Nieves’ website and it says they’re all sold out, so I’m really glad I picked it up! I also got one other Geoff item, but I’m going to wait to post about it till tomorrow or the next day!

Check under the cut for some more pictures from the inside!


August 20, 2007