Threadless Store Opening in Chicago, the internet’s favorite t-shirt store, is finally opening it’s first real store in Chicago on September 14th. The store will be 2 stories, the downstairs where you shop, and the upstairs which will act as a gallery space, consisting of mostly artwork from Threadless designers.
Not only that, but they’ll also be teaming up with Digital Bootcamp to “provide courses on all sorts of different creative subjects and programs right in the store. Anywhere from courses on ideas like web design or photography to specific programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.”
In addition to all of that, they’re giving away recycled bags when you buy something. And then when you bring it back in the next time you shop, they’ll give you a $1 off every shirt you purchase. They’re also having their in-house artist, Joe Suta, do 3 huge mash up paintings of all the wining designs of the week, which will be featured in the store windows. Not only that, they’ll be giving the paintings away or auctioning the off for charity.

The whole deal sounds pretty exciting, hopefully they’ll be able to expand these stores to other locations soon!


August 19, 2007