Spork, San Franciso’s New Slow Food

A little after I turned 19, I started to realize that my taste in foods was changing. Being out of high school, I no longer went to McDonald’s everyday and eat a double cheeseburger with fries and a coke, I was craving better foods. So I ventured out of my suburban area and started eating more Downtown Sacramento, which by most standards wasn’t that exciting, but it was a starting point. I was able to try foods that took time to prepare, that didn’t come wrapped in wax paper.
Spork, a new restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District, sort of reminds me of my journey to good eats.

Spork started it’s life out oddly enough as a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Clearly the KFC didn’t make it, so Spork owner Bruce Binn moved in, but opted out of tearing the structure down. Instead he left the outside as it was, only painting the building gray. The inside though is another story. What was once tacky, plastic furniture is now an entirely warm environment, decorated in an Americana-esque decor. It’s now a casual, unpretentious, no reservations, diner.

To get a sense of what the foods like, head over to the Yelp entry about it, so far it seems like people are really digging the place.


August 17, 2007