Malik / Instrumentales

When I post music reviews, I usually listen to an album for about a week, just to make sure I’m really liking it.
But I’ve been listening to Malik’s new album, Instrumentales all morning long, and I must say I’m pretty taken by it. Malik is from Strasbourg, France, and he makes music in the same vein asold DJ Shadow (not that shitty crunk album he just put out) and old RJD2 (you know, when he didn’t sing on every track). His inspiration is all over the map, including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg and Madlib.

To hear what he sounds like, check out his Virb page by clicking here.
And to buy his album, go ahead and click here.
Definitely worth your time, money and effort.


August 17, 2007