Kitsune Noir Vacation Time

After 360 posts in a 4-ish month period, I’m finally going on a week long vacation with Jeff and his family, and their family friends… around 24 people total. We’re going houseboating on Lake Shasta (click here for map), which is in the northern part of California.

The bizarre pictures above are signs Jeff and I made for the boys and girls toilets on the houseboat. Both images are of Jeff, though he’s been make-up’d and I photoshopp’d the hell out of him. I can’t wait for his family to see these!

So while I’m gone, everyone who reads this should send me awesome projets and art and anything they think is cool. Just click the little envelope to the right there! I’ll need to catch up on lots of things while I’m gone I’m sure! That said, everyone have fun NOT being on vacation, and I’ll hopefully post something next Sunday!


August 3, 2007